Departmental Bulletin Paper Reading Circles : Combining Collaborative Learning and Extensive Reading
Reading Circles : Combining Collaborative Learning and Extensive Reading

MACAULEY, Myles  ,  NEVARA, John

(16)  , pp.109 - 122 , 2015-03-31 , 関西国際大学
Small-group work and other forms of interactive, discussion-based education have come to play a more prominent role in the new higher education environment. As Light, Cox, and Calkins (2009) state in their popular text on pedagogy Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, “the opportunity to come together in small groups to change conceptions and explore theories and insights provides students with one of the most important learning experiences higher education has to offer.” This article looks at one such form of smallgroup, discussion-based learning - reading circles - and provides some evidence, both theoretical and practical, supporting further utilization of reading circles in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes and non-EFL classes.After the abstract, the paper is divided into seven sections: 1) the historical and theoretical background to reading circles, 2) practical considerations, 3) reading circles in the EFL classroom, 4) personal experiences in conducting reading circles, 5) introduction of the survey participants and procedure, 6) results and discussion of the survey, and 7) conclusions.

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