Departmental Bulletin Paper 先端科学と小学校理科教育
Advanced Science and Elementary Science Education

橋本, 健夫  ,  谷口, 一也

(16)  , pp.75 - 84 , 2015-03-31 , 関西国際大学
The belief that development of information science and natural science would change society and enrich citizen life now is expanded in Japanese society. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology revised the curriculum guideline and has worked with the improvement and enhancement of school education to achieve the goal that Japanese society would become knowledge based society in 2008. One of the approaches is to introduce the advanced scientific research outcome to school education. It aims to foster the students those who can understand the impressive outcome and find the will to contribute success in the development of science. Japanese molecular biology is the one of candidate of the new school education contents. It has achieved world-class results in this half century and produces Nobel Prize winners while contributing to citizen’s health. This paper focuses on cancer researches which molecular biology has important role of the development, and proposes the integration of the contents to school education, especially elementary school's science education. Science education in elementary school emphasizes on familiar organisms and natural phenomena while stressing the birth and the machine of organisms particularly. We propose to integrate the view of death to the unit of birth. The purpose of the class is that students recognize the mystery of life and realize the importance of health as well as understand the contribution of advanced science in our life through the birth and death. We point out the importance of cooperation between specialists as well as teacher training to teach such advanced science in elementary schools. Furthermore, it is important to give sufficient consideration to students who experienced cancer with own or family when we have such class.

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