Departmental Bulletin Paper 少年の非行からの立ち直りのプロセスに関する一考察 : 元非行少年の手記への複線径路等至性モデルによるアプローチ
A study on the process of recovery from delinquency : An approach with Trajectory Equifinality Model (TEM) to the autobiographies of former juvenile delinquents

坂野, 剛崇

(16)  , pp.47 - 60 , 2015-03-31 , 関西国際大学
This study aims to clarify the recovery process of juvenile delinquents and to examine themethods that support their recover.The methodology included analyzing the autobiographies of former juvenile delinquents using the Trajectory Equifinality Model(TEM), which is a theoretical framework that clarifies the similarities and differences in the life trajectories of individuals.

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