Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本教育史研究の系譜
The characteristics on formation of historical studies of education in Japan


This paper treats the characteristics of scholarship and the research achievement by the successors to Prof. Tomitaro KARASAWA who established the course of Historical Studies of Education in Tokyo University of Education, which has been regarded as the bastion of Historical Studies of Education in Japan. I point out the five aspects as the characteristics of scholarship on Historical Studies of Education in Japan by Prof. KARASAWA. Namely, (1) the historical research approach focusing on the human-being as liver, (2) the high value to critical thinking toward the past and the encouragement of the initiate for the future, both of which are unique to humans, (3) the identifying culturally and geographically on the historical education activities, (4) the historical examination based on the real material concerning educational activities, and(5) the empirical clarification for the case studies of educational activities. The successors to Prof. KARASAWA have advanced and extended the research field of Historical Studies of Education in Japan, by introducing the historical and sociological approach, on respecting for the characteristics of scholarship established by Prof. KARASAWA

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