Departmental Bulletin Paper “10代の親”への教育と支援を問う : 我が国専門職へのインタビューを踏まえて
Thinking about the education and the support for “the teenage parents” : Based on a hearing investigation for experts in Japan


The purpose of this report is to examine the way of education and the support to “the teenage parents” by the interviews for the experts. Through the interviews, it was seen that the way of education and the support over the pregnancy and the delivery were appointed in three types. The first, it is the pregnancy, a delivery propaedeutic in the school education as the general education. Then, it may be transformed for education for happiness with the dreams instead of the thing which we only give the menace and only threaten. The second, it is necessary to make a way to remedial education, the reemployment for parents suffering in the chain of the poverty and the violence. And the third, for parents without being independent, the system design that society can save positively is necessary.

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