Departmental Bulletin Paper 教員養成課程における算数・数学教育観の変容 : 選択必修科目「算数」を通して
Changes in thought concerning mathematics education in teacher training courses : A required elective regarding "Arithmetic"


Determining how to approach education of subjects in teacher training courses is key to ensuring that students receive a quality elementary school education; nevertheless, research regarding this topic is limited. This study proposes a new approach to mathematics education in teacher training courses based on an examination of students from three different perspectives: (1) mathematics background, (2) children’s mathematics recognition, and (3) teaching methodology. A concrete instructional plan is proposed to assist students in obtaining a solid mathematics background; in addition, the researcher investigates the instructional plan’s effect on learners’ mathematics understanding through the analysis of a questionnaire that was administered to students. The findings reveal a shift among students in recognizing the importance of obtaining a strong mathematics background.

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