Departmental Bulletin Paper 音楽科教師と音楽家における音楽指導観の比較研究
A comparative study on a view of music teaching in elementary school teachers and musicians

古山,典子  ,  瀧川,淳

The aim of this paper is to compare elementary school teachers’ and musicians’ view of teaching music. Is there any difference between teaching music in school and as professional education? We believe that school teachers build the value of music in unique ways which hold their teaching. Here, we’ll try to clarify the view of teaching music possessed by school teachers and musicians by interviewing them and through the method of case study. The first part is the consideration of the interviews. We interviewed 4 interviewees. Two are school teachers and, others are concert pianists who also teach piano in university. The second part is case studies of grade six music class and university piano lesson. From these considerations, we clarify that elementary school teachers take music as a means to nurture the sociality and learn cooperativeness. And observation of professional education will give indication to music education in school.

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