Departmental Bulletin Paper 母子生活支援施設職員の成長過程に関する基礎的研究
The basic study on growth process of mother/child support facility staffs

高澤,健司  ,  田丸,敏髙  ,  高橋,千枝  ,  山田,真世  ,  久留嶋,元気  ,  今井,裕太  ,  木曽,有香  ,  中原,沙友里

We interviewed the staffs who worked at a certain mother / child support facility to research their growth process as professionals. In growth process, we found individual growth process and inter-staff cooperation factors. The staffs supported the mothers to sustain their feeling of relief and safety. The male staffs behaved mothers a nonviolent male model. And the staffs shared problems of the mothers and children. In emotional control at the job, we found emotional control factor and switching from work to private factor. In tasks of training, we found that the staffs needed skills for human support and case study of the difficult problems. In messages for students, the staffs expected students to work as staff of a mother / child support facility

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