Departmental Bulletin Paper 福山市における観光の現況と域外市場産業としての取り組みのあり方に関する一考察
A Study on the tourism present situation in Fukuyama City, and the eff orts about the market outside the region of Fukuyama City tourism


 観光立国推進基本法(2006年制定)に基づき,地方公共団体は観光産業の振興や地域づくりの基本方針等を示した「観光振興ビジョン」を策定してきている.  本研究は,まず始めに,「広島県観光客数の動向」等の統計データを用いて福山市における観光の現況を整理・分析した.そして,地域経済分析の枠組みで示されている「域外市場産業としての観光業」という観点より福山市における観光の特徴を考察した.  さらに,JR福山駅の乗車人員や広域的な人の移動状況等の統計データを用いて福山市の観光の域外市場産業としての可能性を考察し,平成29(2017)年度から新たな取組期間となる次期「福山市観光振興ビジョン」に向けての取組事項等を提案した.
Based on the Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Law (enacted in 2006), local governments are formulate the "tourism promotion vision", which shows the basic policy of tourism industry such as tour promotion and regional development. This study analyze the current state of tourism in Fukuyama City, using statistical data such as "Trends of tourists in Hiroshima Prefecture", at fi rst. And, this study was discussed the feature of tourism in Fukuyama City, from the viewpoint of "tourism as the market outside the region", which is shown in the framework of the Regional Economic Analysis. In addition, this study discuss the possibility on the market outside the region of Fukuyama City tourism, by using the statistical data, such as the national passenger fl ow situation and JR Fukuyama Station ride personnel. Finally, based on the results of these analyze, this study propose eff orts matters towards the next "Fukuyama Tourism Promotion Vision".

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