Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児期における自他の特性に関する理解とその発達 : 研究ノート
How Young Children Develop Understanding of Self and Others in Terms of Personality Traits : Note

野田, 淳子

(139)  , pp.53 - 66 , 2016-12-07 , 東京経済大学人文自然科学研究会
 The purpose this review is to examine mentalizing process of preschool children,especially in their understanding of self and others in terms of personality traits. Although it has long been considered that young children being not capable of talking about or understanding the personality traits, the recent study illustrates that young children start to talk about their own and peerʼs personality traits in daily conversations with their family around the age of 3. These recent studies investigating how children talk about past events and experiences suggest that it is very important to examine how they describe their own and otherʼs personality traits in the context of their family relationships and/or friendships. Further research is necessary to understand how young children describetheir own and otherʼs personality traits, which is often a part of the daily conversation with their family and/or friends implicitly

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