Departmental Bulletin Paper 川嶋環のライフヒストリー(Ⅰ) : 島小の女性教師の歩み : 研究ノート
A Life History of TAMAKI KAWASHIMA : a case study of the woman teacher in Shimamura primary school : Note

高井良, 健一

(139)  , pp.33 - 52 , 2016-12-07 , 東京経済大学人文自然科学研究会
 I explored the life of one woman teacher whose name is TAMAKI KAWASHIMA by the life history method in this paper. She was born in Gunma Prefecture in 1933. Her parents worked at their own silk fabric factory and her family had belonged to upper-middle class until the end of World War II. When she was second grade of primary school, World War II was occurred. Four years later, when she was sixth grade, World War II was finished. After War, her parentslost their own large fields of rice. This historical events had a potent influence to her life. She made up her mind to get a fulltime job and studied hard to enter the university which had been not available for women until 1945 in Japan. She became a teacher at Shima primary school in Gunma Prefecture which was famous for a strong learning community established by a principal KIHAKU SAITO. She had struggled for a couples of years to be a professional teacher who can produce ones own creative lessons. After several yearsʼ struggle, at last she felt herself to be a teacher of independent judgement. During her stay in Shima primary school, colleagues and a principal KIHAKU SAITO continued to give her strong supports to promote her professional growth.

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