Departmental Bulletin Paper 讃岐平野の瀬戸内珪長質火山岩の全岩化学組成 : 研究ノート
Whole rock composition of felsic member of the Setouchi Volcanic Rocksn in Sanuki plain : Note

新正, 裕尚  ,  折橋, 裕二  ,  角井, 朝昭

139 ( 139 )  , pp.21 - 31 , 2016-12-07 , 東京経済大学人文自然科学研究会
In Sanuki plain of NE Shikoku island, many small volcanic bodies belonging to Setouchi Volcanic Rocks are distributed. We report new 24 whole rock compositions of felsic members of the Setouchi Volcanic Rocks analyzed using XRF.Some of the samples are “adakitic” with low Y content and high Sr/Y ratio, as previously reported for Setouchi Volcanic Rocks from Kii peninsula and Shodoshima Island. All of the adakitic rocks are rhyolitic composition with SiO2>73% , and may be derived from distinct magma patch from coexisiting low Sr/Y ratio andesite to dacite.

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