Journal Article ネットいじめ被害時における遮断的対処がもたらす短期的および長期的影響

藤, 桂  ,  遠藤, 寛子

Cyber-bullying is a new form of harassment that has proliferated with the growth of the Internet. As in case of traditional bullying at school, it is known to cause negative emotion as well as psychological problems in long-term. In this study, based on the paradoxical effects by thought suppression in Wegner (1994), it was presumed that ruminative thoughts caused by blocking-coping in response to cyber-victimization would increase not only negative emotion in the short-term but also harmfulinterpersonalconsequences in the long-term. In the main survey, 217 victims (85 male, 132 female) were asked to respond to online questionnaires that assessed the degree of blocking-coping, ruminative thoughts about cyber-victimization, negative emotion, and interpersonal negativity aslong-term harmful effects. Covariance structure analysis results supported the hypothesis and indicated that blocking-coping plays an important role in increasing long-term negative effects among victims of cyber-bullying.

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