Journal Article 情報プライバシーに基づくSNS利用者の類型化 : プライバシーに関わる被害経験および自己情報公開に対するリスク認知との関連

佐藤, 広英  ,  太幡, 直也

This study aimed to investigate the relationships between types of information privacy, experiences of invasion of privacy, and risk perception for disclosing one’s information. A web-based survey was conducted of 554 young Japanese social networking site users. Four clusters were derived based on information privacy scores. These clusters differed significantlyfrom each other with respect to experiences of invasion of privacy and risk perception for disclosing their information. Overall, the cluster, which was characterized by low concerns about their privacy for identifiable information, had more unfavorable characteristics, such as more abundant experiences of invasion of privacy and lower risk perception for information disclosure, compared to the other clusters.

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