Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会科学系の大学生を対象にした英語学習に対する意識調査
Survey of English Education for Social Science University Students

カレイラ松崎, 順子

  This study assessed social science students’ motivations for learning English,English lessons they want to get, and the current methods of studying Englishusing text mining. This study adopted open-ended questions. Data from the openendedquestions were inputted and analyzed using software : Text Mining StudioVer. 5. Word frequency analysis, dependency frequency analysis, characteristicword extraction, and characteristic dependency extraction were conducted. Participantswere 108 first-year students majoring in social sciences in a private universityin Tokyo. They were divided into three groups according to their TOEICscores.  Results revealed that many participating students learned English becausethey think that English is necessary to obtain employment in a globalized society.Students in the lower TOEIC group tend to study English without a set goal.Those in the middle TOEIC group tend to study English because they want tocommunicate in English. Students in the higher TOEIC group tend to study Englishwhile considering globalization and job-hunting. Results show that most studentswant to take lessons to enhance English communication skills. Students inthe higher TOEIC group generally want to take TOEIC preparation lessons.

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