Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学教育における発達心理学の役割 : 発達的視点は大学の授業実践にどう役立つか
The Role of Developmental Research in University Education: How Developmental : Perspectives contribute To the Practice of University Lectures ?

野田, 淳子

(138)  , pp.3 - 16 , 2016-02-24 , 東京経済大学人文自然科学研究会
 This paper examined the ways in which developmental psychological theorycan be useful for practitioners in the university education. This discussion relatesto the broader problem of how the developmental research can be useful forpractitioners in general. Progress in this research including the evidence-basedapproach in developmental psychology continues to fill the gap between researchand practice. Two groups of students from two different professors appliedtheir educational knowledge from the lectures to tangible episodes, and followedby group discussion. They were able to express their understandings and opinionson educational knowledge and exchange their thoughts with the members.These practices lead us to reconsider the impact of students’ human relationshipsand sociability to “learning how to learn”.

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