Book A new discourse of trade: wherein are recommended several weighty points, relating to companies of merchants; the act of navigation, naturalization of strangers, and our woolen manufactures. the balance of trade, and nature of plantations; with their consequences, in relation to the kingdom, are seriously discussed... to which is added, a short, but most excellent treatise of interest. by Sir Josiah Child, Baronet. 4th ed.

Child, Sir Josiah, bart, 1630-1699.

9999 , J. Hodges
Error in paging: last page numbered 232. First published under the title: Brief observations concerning trade and interest of money,London, 1668. "A small treatise agaisnt usury" by Sir Thomas Culpeper: p. 235-257. Publisher's announcement at end p.[261-262
Published in [1740?].

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