Departmental Bulletin Paper 現代科学の特色に焦点を当てた漫画教材の開発と試行
Development of a Comic Booklet as Teaching Material Focused on the Characteristics of Modern Science and Scientists

福井, 智紀  ,  菊池, 郷史

29pp.19 - 33 , 2018-03-31 , 麻布大学 , Azabu University
This study aimed to develop a comic booklet as a teaching material focused on the characteristics of modern science and scientists, evaluate trial materials with students, and understand and predict future problems. First, we analyzed documents in the field of history and philosophy of science that discussed the characteristics of modern science in order to examine the contents and constitution of the teaching material. Consequently, we adopted ideas such as CUDOS and PLACE; Proto-type and Neo-type; etc. The teaching material booklet “Kagaku-Konjaku-Monogatari (A Story of Present and Former Science): CUDOS and PLACE” was developed using these ideas. We used the booklet for students in order to investigate its influence on them as subjects (readers). First, the subjects answered a pre-test, read the booklet, and finally answered a post-test. As a result, it was suggested that subjects’ scientific views were affected by the teaching material. In other words, subjects’ images of science and scientists were relatively varied from CUDOS and Proto-type to PLACE and Neo-type. On the post-test, the subjects’ evaluation of the booklet indicated that the booklet was nearly satisfactory. The comic book form of the booklet received an almost favorable evaluation. However, some improvements were suggested.

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