Departmental Bulletin Paper 麻布大学第14回学術展示 : 馬具展Ⅱ「馬の足を護る道具たち」展の記録
A Record of the Academic Exhibition of Azabu University, No. 14: Harness, II, Protectors for Legs and Hooves

高槻, 成紀

26pp.43 - 50 , 2015-03-20 , 麻布大学 , Azabu University
Mr. K. Orisaka, a graduate of Azabu University, donated many precious Japanese traditional horse harnesses in 2009. We presented an exhibition of medical equipments for horses in 2009, and we mounted another exhibition to show equipment for protecting horse legs and hooves from January 23rd to May 16th, 2014. Mr. Orisaka emphasized the importance of “slippers” to stop hooves slipping on ice (crampons) and showshoes to prevent them sinking into snow. The exhibition also showed “horse bells”. Mr. Orisaka emphasized the uniqueness of Oozone which makes sounds by touching horse bells or metal rings. These collections will be preserved at Azabu University Museum.

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