Departmental Bulletin Paper Healthcare Consultations for Children : Healthcare Consultations for Children and the Roles of Professionals : Focusing on the Child’s Right to Participation

26pp.37 - 42 , 2015-03-20麻布大学 , Azabu University
This study aimed to investigate the roles of professionals who provide healthcare consultations for children based on the child’s right to participation ensured by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children’s right to participation guarantees their participation in the process of deciding matters that influence them. In this process, emphasis is placed on the establishment of a collaborative relationship between children and those who support children’s participation, and promotion of the development of participating children’s empowerment. Concerning healthcare, necessary information should be provided to children before they participate in the decision-making process. Concerning healthcare consultations for children, it is necessary to respond to children of all ages, to establish laws that enable them to access healthcare consultations when they wish to do so, and to provide a financially suitable environment. To achieve the above-mentioned requirements, professionals involved in healthcare consultations for children are required to aid in ensuring the child’s right to participation through facilitating children’s access to consultations and promoting their empowerment.

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