Departmental Bulletin Paper イヌのグルコース輸送体4(GluT4)の分子構造と組織発現
Molecular structure and distribution of canine glucose transporter 4 (GluT4)

落合, 秀治  ,  吉村, 彰紘  ,  印牧, 信行  ,  佐藤, 礼一郎  ,  恩田, 賢

26pp.11 - 16 , 2015-03-20 , 麻布大学 , Azabu University
Molecular structure and distribution of canine glucose transporter 4(GluT4) were investigated. Canine GluT4 was consisted of 1637 nucleotides encoding 510 amino acids, which is one amino acid longer than human and mouse. Canine GluT4 exhibited 95.2% and 93.7% identity to human and mouse, respectively RT-PCR analysis indicated that its expression was confirmed in heart, skeletal muscle and lipocytes. Westernblot analysis showed the molecular weight of canine GluT4 was 50kDa. Molecular structure and distribution of insulin-sensitive GluT4 will contribute to a better understanding of the patho-physiology of canine diabetes.

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