Departmental Bulletin Paper ALOHAの気体拡散予測の距離のcutoff及び時間のcutoffに対する扱いについて
Treatment for 10 km Distance Cutoff and 1-hour Time Cutoff of Footprint of ALOHA


58 ( 1・2 )  , pp.31 - 34 , 20150327 , 海上保安大学校
In response to accidents of Hazardous and Noxious Substances(HNS),the ALOHA,which is an atmospheric dispersion model developed by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)in the USA,is used in order to evaluate releases of hazardous chemical vapors. The calculation capacity of the ALOHA is within the limits of 10 km in the range and one hour from the release. Under the assumption that there is a probability of HNS accidents at sea which exceeds the capacity of the ALOHA in case of a large quantity of HNS released or with the high vapor pressure,this paper proposes an additional spread sheet to supplement the present ALOHA.

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