Departmental Bulletin Paper 水中テンプラノイズの自動計測装置の構築と連続測定結果
Construction of the automatic measurement device of underwater TEMPURA noise and results of the consecutive measurement

倉本,和興  ,  田中,隆博

58 ( 1・2 )  , pp.1 - 8 , 20150327 , 海上保安大学校
In the previous report,we proposed a new measuring technique that the number of pulses per unit time was counted by using the general-purpose image processing software after acquiring 16-bit grayscale square image from the temporal acoustic data,as an evaluation method of the number of peculiar cracking noise,whith is called "TEMPURA noise". In addition,we measured the underwater acoustic data with the marine environment at KOJIMA pier of Japan Coast Guard Academy in the every hour for 25 hours in one day of each season and discussed the relationship between the number of pulses and the marine environment value. In this study, the automatic measurement device of the underwater acoustic data and marine environment value was constructed in order to carry out the continuous measurement throughout for a few days. The consecutive measurements for 4 days(for 77 hours)of each season in winter,spring,summer,autumn were carried out in the fixed point at KOJIMA pier,and the relationship between the changes of pulse generation of snapping shrimp and marine environment values is reconsidered.

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