Departmental Bulletin Paper 小型FRPボートのレーダ反射信号特性-リフレクタ搭載・非搭載での比較-
The Characteristics of Radar Signal from the small FRP Boat -Comparison of the Condition with Reflector and without Reflector-

山田,多津人  ,  水井,真治  ,  大岩,恭平  ,  尾崎,宏介

58 ( 1・2 )  , pp.15 - 23 , 20150327 , 海上保安大学校
It is difficult to detect small FRP boats on the radar screen at a greater distance since the Radar Cross Section(RCS) of these boats is so low. Therefore,it is recommended that the small FRP boat equips with a type approved radar reflector. A large number of theoretical studies have been made on radar reflector. However,at the actual sea area,the quantitative effects with the radar reflector on the boat are not yet clear enough. In this paper,authors examine the characteristics of radar signal intensity and echo paint from a small FRP boat whith the radar reflector is installed or not in the situation of two aspect angles,these are 90° and 0°. The major results are as follows. (1) The signal intensity on echoes fluctuate 20dB and more. (2) In the situation without reflector,the RCS(Radar Cross Section) of bow-aspect is less than half that of abeam-aspect. (3) By installing the radar reflector,the RCS increases more than twice as the amount as without reflector. (4) The echo paint characteristics which are size and shape are independent of aspect angle of the boat. (5) Echo size(the bearing size and the range size)of the situation with reflector are bigger than that of the situation without reflector.

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