Departmental Bulletin Paper 我が国の看護基礎教育におけるシミュレーション教育の現状とその効果に関する文献検討

葛場, 美那  ,  藤原, 正恵

The purpose of this research is to examine the current situation of education incorporating simulation into basic nursing education through literature and to make it a reference for the future. Fortyfour documents from 1995 to 2016 were examined by using the keyword search with terms like ‘nursing’, ‘simulation’, ‘education’ and ‘effect’ on the central medical journal Web. The annual number of publication was 9 in 2011, followed by 8 in 2014. Furthermore, 27 documents that clarified educational contents and effects were examined, and it was found that simulation education was placed as a part of subject classes, and educational methods such as use of scenario, participation of SP, utilization of simulator, reflection after exercise were listed. As for the educational effects, learning and awareness such as ‘improved motivation to learn’ and ‘acquisition / improvement of practical ability’ were listed but obvious effects were not seen from objective indicators. SP participatory exercises contributed to learning a lot about interpersonal skills etc. The importance of sufficient reflection and debriefing after exercise was also suggested for the effect of the exercise. On the other hand, it became clear that evaluation of simulation education requires examination of more reliable and valid evaluation methods.

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