Departmental Bulletin Paper 狂言を教育に生かす―古典演劇教育の実践を通して―
Educational benefi ts of Kyogen in classical theater courses

金久, 寛章

8pp.39 - 51 , 2016-03-31 , 大阪青山大学『大阪青山大学紀要』編集委員会
The present treatise, based on my class experiences of a Kyogen practice course in a high school, intends to explore educational values of Kyogen, which is one of Japanese traditional performing arts, and discuss teaching materials and methods useful for general education.The basic object of Kyogen lessons in our Department of Theater is not only to teach the students how to appreciate Kyogen but also to make them understand how the traditional Japanese culture seen in Kyogen was built up by our people in a long span of history. Kyogen will bring them to realize their personal growth through their experiencing the traditional culture of Kyogen in a modern day-to-day setting.Kyogen as a classical theater is a comedy full of laughter induced by human foolishness and robust spirits of ordinary people. Kyogen beautifully depicts subtleness of human spirits that all Japanese actually come across today and feel sympathy with. To understand Kyogen is to deepen your understanding of humanity. Participation in a class or presentation of Kyogen will help you understand yourself better. We will learn self-reliance and self expressionthrough Kyogen lessons, come to know our presence in relation to others, and see our future fi gures in a new light through participation in a presentation. These things should all add up to give useful clues for a better life to the students on their way to ego development.Thus, the present treatise fi rst describes the objects and class materials of Kyogen lessons and reports responses heard from the participating students. Secondly, the meaning of learning Kyogen is considered. Thirdly, some proposals to put those educational theories into practice are made.

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