Departmental Bulletin Paper Wharton のghost story―“The Lady’s Maid’s Bell” に描かれる曖昧さの意味するもの
A Whartonian Ghost Story ― Ambiguities in “The Lady’s Maid’s Bell”

田中, 栄子

7pp.29 - 35 , 2015-03-31 , 大阪青山大学『大阪青山大学紀要』編集委員会
“The Lady’s Maid’s Bell” is the first ghost story written by Edith Wharton. It is full of ambiguities because of the narration of the “unreliable” heroine. Dyman writes: “Wharton incorporated many of the confl icts of her life into her fi rst ghost story”(14), and “Behind her lay a stifl ed childhood, failed romances, entry into an unhappy marriage, and years of debilitating illness”. “The Lady’s Maid’s Bell” resonates with echoes from these circumstances (11). More importantly, though this is one of the stories written in the early stage of her writer career,the peculiar themes of Wharton’s works, “sexuality” and “shadow(double)”, can be found in this fi rst ghost story.

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