Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校家庭科における消費者教育の実践―食育からのアプローチ―
A practice of consumer education during the course of home economics in primaryschools ―Some aspects of consumer education in association with food education―

古田, 豊子

7pp.1 - 17 , 2015-03-31 , 大阪青山大学『大阪青山大学紀要』編集委員会
This paper is intended to clarify some aspects of daily life-conscious consumer education, especially in association with food education given during the course of home economics in primary schools.Firstly, we consider the possibility of teaching consumer education associated with food education. Food education includes all aspects of eating behaviors. There are a lot of scenes where consumers require “capabilities to decide, choose, and judge”. Here, we take up scenes of food education where we point out an exquisite parallelismbetween food education and daily life-conscious consumer education.Secondly, we pay our attention to the stage of development of the child called “childhood”, and we give an example where we consider consumer education timely there. Also, in this respect, we re-examine problems lying in the actual life situation of today’s children in relation to expected consumer education, and deepen our consideration to provide consumer education from a new viewpoint.Thirdly, we pay attention to the mutual relation between consumer education and food education. We point out that the past consumer education hitherto performed to bring up “smart consumers” resulted in food education to bring up “smart eaters” unexpectedly. Conversely, we could expect a lot of examples in which we are able to bring up “smart consumers” through food education.Fourthly, we could set up a model of processes from production to consumption in which children can experience part of the processes in their lives, and study and analyze data obtained from consumer education performed there.We also discuss about the signifi cance of consumer education at home and qualifi cations of responsible teachers.

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