Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育者養成における総合的表現活動の一考察 : 赤ちゃん絵本を使った表現活動の実践から
A study of comprehensive expressive activities in early childhood care and education: Observing expressive activities utilizing infant picture books

大南, 匠

Up until now, the implementation of comprehensive expressive activities in childhood care and education has been conducted with a focus on activities such as operettas and musicals. In addition, there are many studies on these activities in regards to the education effects for things such as the improvement of communication skills and expressiveness. However, due to the fact that activities such as operettas and musicals are large—scale works of art, the production time and number of people needed to produce such works is large. Therefore, this study conducted video works production activities that turned infant picture books into text during the Contents of Childcare (Musical Expression) Ⅱ from 2009 to 2013. This idea was proposed as a comprehensive expressive activity that could be done with a small group of people. In addition, through analyzing the state of the production process, a student survey, and the characteristics of the student “creations” musical expression, bodily expression, creative expression, linguistic expression, and picture expressions, it was demonstrated that this activity was one in which one could master comprehensive expressiveness.

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