Departmental Bulletin Paper 男子大学生の居住形態が野菜摂取量に及ぼす影響
A study on the effect of living styles of male university students on vegetable intake

吉岡, 由美  ,  小川, 晶子

A questionnaire and interviews were conducted with male university students to study the relationship between their living styles and vegetable intake. Results from previous research and this study were compared; both in 1996 and 2014 showed that those living at home ate more bright red, green or yellow vegetables and light color vegetables than those living away from home. The 2014 students, when compared to the 1996 students, revealed increases in rarely eating vegetables, 25% among those living at home, and 55% among those living away from home. Also, 2014 students living away from home who rarely eat vegetables rose to 80%. Students who made their own meals rarely ate vegetables. Among students who ate out, 27% ate vegetables while the others need to consciously choose to eat vegetables.  When students proceed on to university their living styles change and 90% are living by themselves. Students living away from home skip meals and vegetable intake is low, therefore the frequency of well-balanced meals is low. Thus, nutritional education needs to respond to various living styles.

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