Departmental Bulletin Paper 長野県産野生シカ肉と加工品の衛生評価
Hygiene examination in wild venison and the meat products of Nagano

小木曽, 加奈  ,  畑山, 友紀

In this study, an examination was made on the hygiene in domestically-consumed frozen meat of wild deer captured by hunters. In addition, examination was made on the hygiene of meat products, such as the preparation of dried venison using domestic food dryers. In some frozen venison, coliform group, E. coli and Salmonella were detected. It is thought that in the most contaminated venison, intestinal bacteria from the digestive organs which were damaged when the bullet penetrated the flank at the time of capture, adhered to the dressed carcass. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful not to make abdomen damage at capture even if for autologous consumption. It is important sanitarily to prevent bacteria from increasing by carrying out management of dismantling treatments, time, temperature after the capture thoroughly.  In dried venison prepared using the domestic food dryer, Salmonella was not detected; however, coliform group and E. coli were detected. Although the temperature of the food dryer was set at the maximum of 68℃ for 4 hours, it is thought that this method did not meet the temperature or time requirement in annihilating coliform and E.coli. When preparation of dried foods is made using meat which has a high degree of contamination, consideration must be given to the thickness of the food product as well as the density within the machine during the drying process, etc.

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