Departmental Bulletin Paper 日中幼児の体格・体力に関する研究
Physical build and physical ability of children in Japan and China

張, 勇  ,  陸, 大江  ,  中島, 弘毅  ,  小林, 敏枝

In this research we collect (examine) and compare data from Japan and its close neighbor China in order to get an up-to-data picture of the physical development of 3-5 year olds in those two countries, the data relater to physical ability uses China’s official criteria for measuring sporting ability.  We conducted surveys in only one city in each country, Shanghai in China and Nagano City in Japan. Therefore our results cannot offer a complete picture of the situation in the two countries. However we believe our sample is sufficient to point to similar: ties and differences useful to international research.  Our results show that the Shanghai children were bigger in each aspect of the category “physical build”, namely height, weight, and seated height (from the base of the Spine to the top of the herd). Moreover, children’s physical growth between 3 years old and 5 years old was also greater in the Chinese Sample.  However, although there is a clear difference in physical build our results did not show a corresponding difference in sporting similar clear ability.

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