Departmental Bulletin Paper 外来職員の麻疹、風疹、流行性耳下腺炎、水痘に対する免疫獲得状況 : 「院内保管記録」と「今回の血清抗体価測定結果・質問紙調査結果」との比較によるワクチン接種プログラム構築に向けた検討
Antibodies against Measles, Rubella, Mumps and Varicella among Hospital Outpatient Department Health-Care Personnel : Establishment of a vaccination program based on a comparison of "hospital records" and "the results of the present seroprevalence survey and questionnaire survey"
ガイライ ショクイン ノ マシン フウシン リュウコウセイ ジカセンエン スイトウ ニ タイスル メンエキ カクトク ジョウキョウ : インナイ ホカン キロク ト コンカイ ノ ケッセイ コウタイカ ソクテイ ケッカ シツモンシ チョウサ ケッカ トノ ヒカク ニ ヨル ワクチン セッシュ プログラム コウチク ニ ムケタ ケントウ

脇本, 寛子  ,  矢野, 久子  ,  青山, 恵美  ,  堀田, 法子  ,  鈴木, 幹三

Objective : This study aimed to clarify future issues for the development of a vaccination program by analyzing the acquisition of immunity against viral diseases among health-care personnel working in a hospital outpatient department and comparing hospital records with the results of a seroprevalence survey and questionnaire survey completed by the personnel.Methods : Subjects were 102 outpatient staff. Hospital records and questionnaires were collected regarding history of antibody testing for measles, rubella, mumps, and varicella and history of vaccinations, and IgG antibody titers for measles, rubella, mumps, and varicella were measured by enzyme-linked fluorescent assay.Results : The number of participants with positive IgG antibodies against measles, rubella, mumps and varicella on the present antibody tests were 98, 99, 96 and 99, respectively.The proportion of individuals who were seropositive for rubella increased significantly(p<0.01). The number of individuals whose vaccination history could be confirmed based on (the most recent) hospital records among those whose antibody test results were either negative or equivocal according to (the most recent) hospital records was 1 of 3 for measles, 16 of 16 for rubella, 6 of 32 for mumps, and 0 of 7 for varicella.Conclusions : The seropositivity rate for rubella was thought to have increased due to the fact that infection control nurses actively facilitated vaccinations based on the antibody test results. Vaccinations were not performed for measles, mumps, or varicella despite the need for vaccinations. Measures for promoting vaccinations based on antibody test results are necessary for all diseases. Individuals did not have an accurate awareness of their antibody test history, indicating the need to establish a system for selfmanagement.

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