Departmental Bulletin Paper E-series Time As Prolegomena to McTaggart’s A- and B-series Time

Naoki, Nomura  ,  Koichiro, Matsuno

The occurrence of the tenses of past, present and future presumes a subject distinguishing between memory and anticipation in reference to an experience. One possible scheme to recover the reality of time should be sought in naturalization of the subject. A metabolic material body of any sort appearing in the biological realm can be seen as a sentient agent constantly punctuating the intervening material through-flow so as to make both the incoming and outgoing flows balance. The repercussions of the punctuation are thus propagated throughout the biological world. The sequence of events crystallized in the finished record precipitates time to be read out as B-series time, i.e., as a measure for distinguishing between before and after with respect to the events in question.

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