Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本人のアサーションにおける熟慮的自己表現

李, 盛熱  ,  Sungsuk, Lee

Currently, the number of young people who have difficulty communicating with others is increasing. Specialists point out that such difficulties in communication occur not only among Japanese people but also among people from other countries. This study aims to examine the similarities and differences between assertiveness and verbal aggression, and consider a different type of assertiveness that is suitable for Japanese culture. Further, it describes the Japanese way of assertiveness and analyzes the tendency of non-assertiveness in Japanese culture. In summary, the concept of the need for careful consideration of selfexpression is scrutinized to understand the unique Japanese way of communication. Moreover, it emphasizes the need for empirical research to better understand different cultures. Further, it focuses on the view that harmony within a group is more effective than as an individual, which is why consideration for others is one of the component parts in Japanese assertiveness training.

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