Departmental Bulletin Paper 適応指導教室における学生ボランティアの研究 : ボランティア活動が与える学生への影響から

馬場, ひとみ  ,  Hitomi, Baba

This study examined volunteers’ motivations to continue working with children in a specially designated classroom. Student volunteers grouped with each volunteer unit were especially analyzed; this was intended to clarify the characteristics of each terms.The student volunteers were divided into groups:, the short-term group, the middle-term group, and the long-term group. We examined the groups and found that the difference among them was, based on the relationship between the students’ desire to participate in volunteer work and their desire to work with children from the specially designated classroom.The results of the study suggest that it is important to consider the student volunteers’ mental health since their level of desire in volunteering will influence their commitment to volunteer work. If the student volunteers are highly committed then children from the specially designated classroom will benefit from their aid.

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