Departmental Bulletin Paper 女子大学生における友人関係の特徴(1) : 母子関係との比較から

牛田, 景子  ,  Keiko, Ushida

The present study investigated friendship between female university students when compared with mother-child relationships. A total of 245 university students completed a questionnaire survey that comprised questions regarding their sense of internal working model scales,authenticity,and emotional experiences. The questionnaire measured attachment styles concerning best friends and mothers.The following two factors relating to adult female friendship were identified:“ trust of others” and“ self-worth,” while the two factors relating to mother-child relationships were“ a sense of affinity” and“ sense of acceptance”. Based on these results,the study concluded that adult female friendships and mother-child relationships involve different aspects. The two types of relationships very in their sense of authenticity and emotional experiences. It was also suggested that adult female friendships were more positive relationships than the mother-child relationships. In other words,there is a possibility that adult female friendships may develop to become more secure relationships,unlike mother-child relationships

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