Departmental Bulletin Paper 継続的コラージュ制作における自己像への着目と本来感の関連 : 気分変容と体験過程の検討

今枝, 美幸  ,  Miyuki, Imaeda

In this study, the relationship of admiration and attention to self-image was explored in a collage workgroup. Women collage students were divided into three groups: a “control group” a “simple work group” and an “attention to self-image group”. The sense of authenticity changes in feelings, and the experience processes were compared in pre- and post-collage work measures. After the collage work the scores of “strain,” “depression,” “anger,” “confusion,” and “fatigue” were lower. There were no significant differences in the sense of authenticity in the number of times participating in collage work or in the attention to selfimage group. However, in the attention to self-image group, the score of “self-understanding” assessed as an experience process measure, was higher than in the other groups. Although being attentive to one’s self-image was promoted, it is suggested that the sense of authenticity cannot be changed easily.

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