Departmental Bulletin Paper ハリエット・マーティーノゥの経済思想(1)[翻訳] 暴徒・不景気な時代の物語(上)

舩木, 惠子

This paper provides a translation of Harriet Martineau's Rioters: or A Tale of Bad Times (1827). I've tried to translate the text in order to understand the economic thought of Harriet Martineau. However, for reasons of space, this is the first half of the complete translation. The original is 122 pages, so I'm including my translation up to page 66 here. The remaining text and description will be included in another paper. The important question regarding this story is whether it was affected by international trade theory, as developed by Robert Torrens and other economists.Robert Torrens was the economist who proposed the principle of comparative advantage in international trade before David Ricard did. Torrens was a founding member of the Political Economy Club, owner of the influential newspaper The Globe, and a prolific writer. Harriet Martineau said that she wrote this story at the suggestion of The Globe. My aim in this paper is to examine the roots of Harriet Martineau's economic thought. After the fulltranslation, I present a detailed commentary.
Rioters; or A Tale of Bad Times. 1827. Wellington, Salop: printed by and for Houlston and son, London.

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