Book 中国企業の在日法人の経営体制に関するアンケート調査分析

岩﨑, 尚人  ,  黄, 賀

2016-03-07 , 成城大学経済研究所
In the last decade, Chinse enterprises are aggressively developing into global businesses. However, their operating behavior appears to differ from the development strategies of global companies from developed countries. This is because Chinese enterprises have a huge market in their own country and thus are able to develop differently.We hypothesize through examination of a number of case studies of Chinese global enterprises that a number of Chinese global enterprises, aim to enforce their competitive superiority by expanding in China and focus less on expanding outside of the Chinese market, so called “ZAI HUI LAI” strategic companies.In this paper we report the research on how Chinese Enterprise’s Subsidiaries are managed in Japan and as a result, we identify the characteristics of “ZAI HUI LAI”companies’ strategic management.

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