Departmental Bulletin Paper 吉原遊郭における客と客
Relationships of visitors to Yoshiwara

髙木, まどか

(39)  , pp.128 - 107 , 2016-03 , 成城大学
This article examines the relationships of the visitors to Yoshiwara of Edo, using Yujo hyo-banki, which is one of the classifi cations of a storybook, Kanazoshi, in this paper. I have focused on Yoshiwara in the preceding study to demonstrate the view that brothels were blocked off from real society. I have verifi ed howa visitor's status was handled in Yoshiwara and have argued concerning the logical involvement in Yoshiwara and the general public. As a result,there was certainly the situation that status order outside Yoshiwara was excluded in the brothel district. Meanwhile, it became clear that somevisitors were avoided or rejected due to their status. Even inside Yoshiwara, logic outside Yoshiwara made sense. The past argument did not discuss how visitors were involved with each other and how the norm outside Yoshiwara was brought insideYoshiwara. Taking into account this issue, in this paper, I would like to discuss the interpersonal relations of visitors in Yoshiwara as afundamental discussion for clarifying the norm involvement inside and outside Yoshiwara, and the circumstances of avoidance or rejection ofcertain visitors. In considering these, I treat Yuhojo hyo-banki, which is one classification of a story book in Kana, as the primary historical records. Although Yujo hyo-banki is writing that makes a prostitute's reputation, there are some which describe in detail the position of a visitor inside a brothel. This writing observes and knows a visitor's actual conditions in brothel districts. In this paper, I verify about visitors in brothel districts, by mainly focusing on Yoshiwara from the second half of the 17th century to the middle of the 18th century, which has many descriptions about visitors in Yujo hyo-banki.

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