Departmental Bulletin Paper 製鞣革業の存続を支えるもの : 東京都墨田区東墨田を事例に
Support for survival of the tanning industry : A case study of Higashi-sumida in Sumida-ku, Tokyo

岡田, 伊代

(39)  , pp.1 - 34 , 2016-03 , 成城大学
The tanning industry, which is associated with tanning and other related processes, is the initial stage of leather production. Many tanneriesare managed by family-run companies in small or medium scale factories and have been developing as a local industry. The premises of thesefactories usually occupy a specific region because tanning requires large amounts of water in the manufacturing process.Local industries as part of modern industry established in small and medium-sized factories are studied in economics, geography andarchitecture. These studies show the reasons for the continuance of the local industry by analyzing the situation of small and medium-sizedfactories affected by the economic situation and the geographic mechanisms of the region. Meanwhile, research in the practices andtechniques have been conducted in folklore. However, such research on factories and the area responsible for the modern industrial developmentis new, and this research tends to neglect the origins of the region.This paper focuses on the tanning industry as an example of a modern industry supported by small and medium-sized factories. I elucidate the interprofessional relationships in the production process and related workers in the industry or in factories focusing on the tannery productionprocess. The factors of industrial sustainment are also discussed by considering the relationships among the people engaged in this industry.

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