Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育現場における保護者の気付きの質に関する研究 : 保育参加及び保育参観後の自己分析から
Study on the quality of awareness among guardians at childcare centers : Self-analysis after participation in childcare and classroom visits

隣谷, 正範  ,  大谷, 誠英  ,  川上, ゆかり  ,  牧田, 和美  ,  丸山, 博美  ,  黒江, 美幸  ,  美谷島, いく子

(25)  , pp.13 - 21 , 2016-03 , 松本短期大学 紀要委員会
This study focused on the awareness of guardians during participation in childcare and classroom visits at childcare centers. Through extraction and analysis of data on awareness, the characteristics of each activity were identified. Study 1 used a questionnaire prepared from the results of a pilot study to investigate if the guardian’s awareness was affected by the child’s gender, age, or presence/absence of siblings. Study 2 focused on awareness during participation in childcare at X kindergarten and classroom visits at Z kindergarten. Based on the characteristics identified from free descriptions, etc., the nature of awareness obtained from those activities was summarized.Study 1 indicated that both gender and the presence/absence of siblings influenced the awareness of guardians. Study 2 employed the KH Coder research method and key words were identified from the original descriptions. It showed that the awareness of guardians was highly comparable during both activities and a certain level of homogeneity was identified.

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