Departmental Bulletin Paper なぜ吹奏楽部は文化部なのか:運動部と文化部のダイコトミーに着目して
Why is school band the cultural club?: Dichotomy with athletic club and a cultural club

関, 朋昭

11pp.7 - 16 , 2017-03-31 , 名寄市立大学
All an athletic club and a cultural club will need make it clear what is different or what is different when it’s different. There is also a cultural club in an affiliated organization and deep relationship as an athletic club has formed a bond with an affiliated organization (Tyutairen, Koutairen and Kouyaren). A cultural club also participates in sponsorship business of the affiliated organization (contest) so that an athletic club may participate in sponsorship business of the affiliated organization (tournament). I can think miscellaneous problems in movement club activities (overweight burden and victory supreme principle of an advisor teacher) are the problem which also exists in in cultural club activities, not a problem specialized in only an athletic club from such background. So this research would like to consider dichotomy of the former club activities critically, making the question to classifying club activities into an athletic club and a cultural club a starting point and aiming at the brass band which is called when I’m carrying on the activity that it’s numerous and active in the cultural club.

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