Departmental Bulletin Paper 学生のアルバイト職場における労働安全衛生
Safety and health during part-time work among students

大見, 広規  ,  村中, 弘美  ,  平野, 治子  ,  宮崎, 八千代  ,  松浦, なつみ  ,  MEADOWS, Martin

11pp.1 - 6 , 2017-03-31 , 名寄市立大学
We conducted a survey of occupational safety and health at part time job among students of Nayoro City University in 2015.Among respondent students,73% had experience working part-time since admission to university. A sizable percentage of students have experienced a variety of psychological harassments and troubles at work. As a consequence, these students have suffered mental physical stress, and sustained sleep deprivation. Nevertheless, they indicated that it was impossible to quit their jobs because difficulties covering their tuition fees and living expenses. This survey revealed that safety and health at part-time jobs is a significant issue in the healthcare of university students. Health service centers in universities are not able to resolve these issues alone. Japanese social systems and practices that place excessive strain on university students, such as expensive academic fees, heavy student loans and an growing irregular employment system, need to be reconsidered and strategies for improvement discussed by those in positions to implement change.

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