Departmental Bulletin Paper 奨学金制度の利用からみる大学生活の実態と課題 : 地方大学における学生アンケートからの考察
Reality and Challenges of Scholarship Students in Universities. : Considerations on the result of a questionnaire to students in regional universities

吉中, 季子  ,  Toshiko, YOSHINAKA

10pp.47 - 58 , 2016-03-31 , 名寄市立大学
Aiming at unveiling the reality and challenges that university students who are receiving a scholarship may have, aquestionnaire was conducted to students of mainly regional universities. The background surrounding the scholarship systems lies ondecreasing household income of their family, payer of their children's tuition fees, making it necessary for students to get ascholarship in order to continue their student life. The result of the questionnaire revealed several facts including (1) students usuallyget information on scholarship systems from their high school teachers, (2) they tend to consult with their parents if they should applyfor a scholarship, (3) while they are in university, a third of the scholarship students receive their scholarship money through theirparents, and (4) they try to save scholarship money as much as possible without using them up. Still a fraction of scholarship studentsuse their scholarship money to help out their family expense.

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