Departmental Bulletin Paper 絵本における「比喩的表現」 : 「大きさ」の比喩的表現を子どもはどうとらえているか
Figurations' in Picture Books : How Children Understand the Figurations of `Sizes'?

堀川, 真  ,  今野, 道裕  ,  Makoto, HORIKAWA  ,  Michihiro, KONNO

9pp.91 - 97 , 2015-03-31 , 名寄市立大学
Figurative speech is often used in children's picture books. This is not merely a literary device but can also serve to facilitate understanding of the content for the intended audience of children readers. In suchcases, the child readers' knowledge, experience and vocabulary must be carefully considered when selectingappropriate language. From the perspective of a creator of children's picture books, a study was conducted to determine the ways in which children understand such figurative speech by reading them a text containingthe expressions "small things" and "large things", then having them act out their perceptions of size withtheir bodies

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