Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児の学びにおける博物館プログラムの活用 : 異文化環境体験プログラムに着目して
Study on Museum Program in Young Children's Learning : Focusing on Experiential Program for Intercultural Environment

出利葉, 浩司  ,  中西, さやか  ,  Koji, DERIHA  ,  Sayaka, NAKANISHI

9pp.83 - 90 , 2015-03-31 , 名寄市立大学
This paper aims to investigate how experiential programs in museums can potentially be applied to the education of young children. The subject of the study was an experiential exhibition (hands-on) held at a museum regarding how the Ainu people hunted. Through the reflections of the organizers themselves, and supplemented with comparisons from the Boston Children's Museum, it was investigated whether this wouldhave meaning as a program for young children. As a result, it was found that the museum's program could potentially be applied to the education of young children, considering the point that they would be able to experience the environment of a different culture while having fun on their own.

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