Departmental Bulletin Paper ソーシャルワークの機能・役割に関する 実践的考察と検討 : 児童養護施設での実践事例をもとにして-
Practical Discussion of Social Work Functions and Roles : Review of Social Work Practices in a Foster Home

松岡, 是伸  ,  小山, 菜生子  ,  Yoshinobu, MATUOKA  ,  Naoko, KOYAMA

9pp.69 - 81 , 2015-03-31 , 名寄市立大学
This paper reviews an example of social work practices in a foster home, which clarifies thefunctions and roles of social workers in such homes. The significance of this study for society is that an analytical review of social work practices such as the one described here can contribute to the accumulation of data for the development of social practice theory. This study revealed that social work functions and roles were employed in every aspect to support children's lives. For support of children's lives, there was professional cooperation and organization in many institutions. The role of social workers was intended to enhance the quality of the children lives. On the other hand, the children were often observed as beingvulnerable. Therefore, in order to care for children's well-being, it was critical that attention was paid to residential care and specific case management. Social worker functions and roles are important in ensuringthat a child adjusts to its new living and social environment.

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