Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育指導理論の発達心理学的考察
An examination of methodologies for the teaching of young children from point of view of developmental psychology

中島, 常安  ,  Tuneyasu, NAKAJIMA

9pp.1 - 18 , 2015-03-31 , 名寄市立大学
幼児教育のカリキュラム観あるいは教育方法の理論は,児童中心主義と系統主義とに大別できる。従来この2 つの立場は,子どもの主体性を重視するのか,保育者の指導性を重視するのかという対立軸で捉えられてきた。それが最近になって見直しが行われ,両者の統合を図ろうとする動向が注目されるようになった。しかしより重要なのは,両者のそれぞれが拠って立つ発達観であり,発達観の違いから2つの立場を比較したとき,そこに一方における一見した類似性と,他方における本質的な異質性が浮かび上がる。
Theories related to the curriculum or educational methods used in early childhood education can bedivided into two broadcategories: the child-centered approach and the systematic approach. Conventionally,these theories were regarded as opposing, disputing whether it was preferable to attach greater importance to a child's autonomy or to a pre-school teacher's instruction. This perspective has recently been revised, andthere is now a discernible movement to reconcile these two approaches. However, it is even more importantto consider the fundamental effects each approach has on the child's development, and to acknowledge thedifferences that emerge when these respective approaches are compared. On one hand, there seem to besimilarities; on the other, there appear to be significant differences.

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